Native Entrepreneur Academy

The Building Equitable Native Economies Project supports a Native Entrepreneur Academy series where clients must receive a referral from a Workforce Development Program Case Manager before attending. The Native Entrepreneur Academy is a series of workshops one must complete in order to achieve the outcomes described. For more information, email [email protected] or contact your case manager directly.

Dependable Strengths Workshop

This Two-Day Workshop is for job seekers, entrepreneurs, job coaches, and career counselors. This workshop offers a unique and creative way to get in touch with your true strengths, opportunities, and pathways toward something truly fulfilling! It can support you in recognizing your innate talents and skills, and in clarifying your career and life path going forward. After completing Dependable Strengths®, you’ll have more ideas about how to fulfill on your life’s purpose and how to create a life of contribution and fulfillment for yourself.

Business Readiness Workshop

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will explore how to adapt or create a viable business in this new reality. Explore feasibility, income potential, and next steps for your business or business idea!

Money 101 Workshop

Get a handle on your finances and keep more money in your pocket! This FREE program series sheds light on a variety of important money matters, including credit, creating a budget, banking, insurance, investing, and much more! Ask your questions about money management in a safe, supportive environment, and leave feeling confident in your financial future!

Business Planning Program

Dive deep into all the aspects of launching or growing a successful business with a cohort of fellow learners. This intensive, multi-week program covers critical topics including marketing, operations, and financial planning, all with a triple-bottom line focus, so you feel ready to run a successful business. The program also includes three hours of one-on-one business coaching. At the end of the program you will have a completed business plan and have a clear path to building a thriving small business. Attending a dependable strengths, Business Readiness, and Money 101 Workshops are required before registering for this program. 

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