Workforce Development programs

Employment, Training, Cash Assistance, and Childcare Services

The goal of the Workforce Development (WFD) Program is to create a service delivery system that will identify and address barriers that prevent tribal members from achieving self-sufficiency.

Workforce Development Program Office Locations:

Program Information

Cash assistance is not an entitlement program, and all applicants must meet the following in order to receive services: Meet the definition of Needy-‘Needy’ means financially unable to meet basic needs due to lack of income and resources; A household must include: A dependent child who has not attained 18 years of age and is enrolled in school if school aged, or; A dependent child who has not attained 19 years of age and is a full time student in a secondary school (or in the equivalent level of vocational or technical training) at the time of application, or; A woman who is pregnant as documented by a physician.

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The purpose of Childcare Services is to provide high quality, culturally appropriate childcare to all eligible families who meet the following eligibility: Children through age of 18 if such children are physically, and/or mentally incapable of self-care as documented by a licensed physician;  Proof of residency; Proof of income; Proof of Protective Services/Special needs. For more information, email [email protected]

Assists clients in gaining self-sufficiency through education, job preparation, and obtaining and retaining employment. Non-financial, Financial, and Support services are available to eligible clients. Examples of WFD Employment and Training activities include but are not limited to:

  • Attending High School or GED Completion;
  • Cultural and Traditional Activities;
  • Education Related to Employment;
  • Entrepreneur Assistance;
  • Financial Empowerment/Literacy;
  • Job Skills (Employment-Related Training) ;
  • Life Skills Training;
  • On-The-Job Training;
  • Paid Employment;
  • Post-Secondary Education;
  • Subsidized Tribal Employment;
  • Subsidized Work in Private Sector;
  • Vocation Training and Education;
  • Work Experience; Workshops and Activities that support and lead to Entrepreneurship;
  • Work search: Job Readiness Assistance.

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Workforce Development Program Non-Financial services may include but are not limited to: Application Assistance; Basic Literacy;  Capacity Building; Financial Literacy; GED Preparation and High School 21; Interviewing Techniques; Job Boards/Labor Market Information; Job Readiness Training; Job Retention.

Resume Building; Journey to Success: Job Club; Vocational Training.

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SPIPA Assists the Nisqually and Squaxin Island Tribes in the administration of the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) grant that provides culturally appropriate VR services to enrolled Native Americans with disabilities residing on or near the Squaxin Island or Nisqually Indian Reservation service areas who have a functional limitation and need assistance maintaining, obtaining, and regaining employment. A variety of services can be provided to assist eligible participants to prepare for, obtain and/or to retain jobs. These types of services may include but are not limited to vocational and technical services and devices: job placement and retention services; post-employment services; transition services; assessments, evaluations, and diagnostic services. For Nisqually residents, call Amber Sutterlict at 360.456.5221 ext. 1283 or [email protected] Squaxin Island residents, call Will Marchant at 360.432.3949 or [email protected].

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Youth Services are those intended for school aged youth who are in school and actively participating in their education, however, older youth or youth who are working on their GED or HS21 completion may also be eligible. Youth services available under the Program may include but are not limited to, the following: Cultural and Traditional Activities; Educational Services; Entrepreneurship/Small Business Development; Financial Empowerment/literacy; Leadership and Lifeskills; School Internships; Summer Employment; Supportive Services designed to increase participation of high school aged youth in Career and Technical Education, STEM Education programs; Tutoring Services; Vocational Exploration; Work Experience.

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