5210 take the challenge 8X11 

Ready to Take the SPIPA 5210 Health Challenge? 

First: Print & Fill out the Pre-Survey       

Second: Print out the tracker form: page 1 & page 2 for 4-weeks; Check off daily completed behaviors on the tracker sheets.

Third: After 4-weeks, return the tracker sheet and Post-Survey to the contact person at your tribe with your name & number on the back of the tracker form.

Squaxin Island Tribal Center - Cassidy Gott 360.426.9781

Nisqually health Clinic - Stephanie Squally & Joy Pena 360.951.9327

Shoalwater Bay Health Clinic - Tanya Brown 360.267.8206

Skokomish Health Clinic - Paula Soto 360.426.5755

Chehalis Health Clinic - Christina Hicks 360.709.1741